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Vivint Security Monitor in Olympia
September 23, 2021

Can I use a security camera as a baby monitor in Olympia?

Can I use a security camera as a baby monitor in Olympia?

When setting up your child’s first room, you built the crib, painted the walls a soothing pastel, and created the greatest diaper changing space ever. Now it's time to figure out how you're going to watch your baby sleep. You might go with the standard monitor that gives you the ability to hear through an integrated speaker, or you might go high-tech and use high-definition video, two-way talk, and instant activation through motion detection.

The higher tech alternative is equivalent to the video surveillance included in a complete home protection plan, but should you use a security camera as a baby monitor in Olympia? 

What features do you need in a baby monitor in Olympia?

In years past, a baby monitor was really straightforward. You place a a device with a built-in microphone in close proximity to your child’s bed, which sends audio signals to a receiver that looks like a walkie talkie. However, baby monitors now have more options. To illustrate, many monitors now have clear HD video capability and 2-way communication. You may even connect many monitors to Wi-Fi so you are able to wander wherever you want. The top baby monitors in Olympia are so sophisticated that they mimic indoor security cameras in both features and cost.

Can you switch baby monitor for an integrated surveillance system?

Knowing that baby monitors and home defense cameras share many of the same features, you have many people in Olympia integrating their nursery to their overall home defense. So it makes sense -- specifically if you’re upgrading to Vivint smart home technology -- as your baby monitor will include:

Night vision video: Your security camera should include 1080p high-definition imaging, and infrared functionality for reliable low-light performance.

2-way communications: Now you don’t need to go to the nursery to get your child back to a restful state. A comforting word may be the only thing needed to keep bundle of joy sleeping.

Motion sensors: While you can have your surveillance system continuously carefully watch your newborn, your own alertness might start to lag. Conversely, if your video surveillance notices anything unusual, then you can get a message to your smartphone. Perfect when your adventurous newborn silently tries to climb up the crib or when your family dog noses into the room.

Recording capabilities: The majority of baby monitors don’t record portions of video. Today’s modern devices allow you to deliver a short segment to grandparents to let them see what a special, sleepy child you have.

Smartphone access: In lieu of lugging a separate device around, you can view your child from your smart home mobile app. You could even touch base with your tot and babysitter when you go for a night out.

Your security camera baby monitor can be part of your smart home installation

The nice thing about implementing a security camera as a baby monitor in Olympia is that it will work in unison with your corresponding home security and home automation products. So, for example, if you notice that your baby is having trouble falling asleep, you can tweak your integrated thermostat from the security app to get a more pleasant temperature. Or when they wake up for a late-night snack, you might increase the brightness of the nursery’s smart lighting to signal you will be there soon. In the event you have two or more small children in unconnected areas, you could furnish each one an indoor security camera and monitor the images in a unified cell phone application.

An indoor security camera in Olympia is a key component of your home’s complete security and automation package

If you want a home security camera to use as a baby monitor or just want one for your home defense, begin by reaching out to Secure24 Alarm Systems. A Vivint specialist will carefully explain the available choices and assist in getting the most suitable home defense package for you. Simply dial (360) 200-8536 or fill out the following form.