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December 17, 2021

What Happens When Your Home Security Alarms Go Off In Olympia?

A residential security package should protect your home. But what happens when your home security alarms go off in Olympia? What are the right steps to take to ensure you and all your family members are secure?

The first thing to do is not to panic. Remember that your 24/7 monitoring specialists are always standing by to assist. Then take the steps described below to be fully equipped to handle any crisis at your property.

Our Dedicated Representatives Are There For You

A 24-7 monitoring specialist is immediately alerted whenever your Olympia home security alarms go off. When a monitoring professional is informed, they will contact you without delay to figure out what set off the security system. Your protection devices may activate in various situations, including:

  • Criminal activity

  • Smoke

  • Water infiltration

  • False alarm

In cases when a device was set off by accident—like not recalling that your entry-point sensors are turned on when you unlock a door— an agent will contact you and figure out if you need help. Provide your proper code, and they'll deactivate the alarm.

In a true emergency, the monitoring agent will dispatch emergency personnel, including law enforcement, firefighters, and medical professionals, to your residence. They also have the ability to function as your proxy when you aren't at home. The monitoring agent can also apprise emergency services on which security device was tripped, helping them prepare for what might be a life-threatening situation. Your monitoring professional will stay on the line with you to help you stay calm and let you know what the next steps should be.

Here’s What You Should Do if Your Alarm Goes Off In Olympia

Waking up in the dead of night to an alarm blaring is terrifying—particularly if you don’t know why it’s going off. The smartest thing you should do is keep yourself in control and follow these steps:

  • Before anything else, get somewhere safe. Collect your family and pets in an expeditious manner and proceed to a protected area in the house or depart the home if needed. It's a common tendency to confront the emergency in your home, but this can be incredibly dangerous. As an alternative, concentrate on keeping you and your family members safe and let the trained personnel handle the crisis.

  • Second, use the smartphone’s convenient security app to stay in touch with your monitoring agent. They'll send emergency professionals who will be in transit to your property in a matter of moments.

  • Lastly, keep a persistent line of communication with your monitoring specialists and first responders. You can get patched through, so all parties are sharing information. Conversely, if you’re not able to get a direct call to authorities, get updates by text message. Even if it’s only a false alarm, it's a good idea to thoroughly communicate with all teams so you will be ready should a real emergency occur.

Be Prepared For All Security Risks in Olympia with Secure24 Alarm Systems

From false alarms to actual emergencies, Secure24 Alarm Systems works hard to make sure you and your family are secured. With 24-hour monitoring, smart locks, and a range of sensors, your home will remain the secured refuge you intended it to be. Design the perfect home security package by completing the following form or call (360) 200-8536 to get started.